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  • A laser guidestar is emitted from the Keck II telescope. Photo by Laurie Hatch.

Friends of Keck Observatory

The mission of the Keck Observatory is to advance the frontiers of astronomy, inspiring the imagination of all. Night after night discoveries are made that will be the stuff of textbooks two hundred years from now. As leaders in a rapidly changing technical field, we offer the highest scientific productivity of any ground-based observatory and the greatest power and precision to answer the biggest questions in astronomy today.

The full potential of the Keck Observatory is far from being realized and our strategic ambitions exceed current resources from public funding sources. In partnership with the University of California Observatories, California Institute of Technology, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Keck Observatory has identified key areas which require external funding sources and which are essential to sustaining our preeminence in ground-based astronomy within the broad scientific landscape. These funding priorities offer exciting opportunities for individuals who are committed to making philanthropic investments which will last a century or more, philanthropic investments that will make a profound impact for generations to come.

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Text courtesy of Keck Observatory.