Family of Langdon, Samuel Jr. and Booth, Druzillah


Married Husband Langdon, Samuel Jr. [I0379]
Married Wife Booth, Druzillah [I0381]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E0913] 1815-08-02 Montgomery Co, Virginia  
  1. Langdon, Mary [I1003]
  2. Langdon, James L. [I0479]
  3. Langdon, Elijah J. [I1004]
  4. Langdon, Elisha [I1005]
  5. Langdon, Melinda [I1006]
  6. Langdon, Ada [I1007]
  7. Langdon, Isaac John [I0376]
  8. Langdon, Samuel A. [I1008]
  9. Langdon, Daniel H. [I1009]
  10. Langdon, Emilia Virginia [I1010]

Source References

  1. from Linda Barouska: Descendants of Samuel Langdon, Sr. [S0071]