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Lick Observatory videos, a selection from YouTube

Interview with Staff Astronomer Dr. Elinor Gates

Learn more about Lick Observatory and how the amazing project started. In this video, Lick Observatory's Resident Staff Astronomer Dr. Elinor Gates tells the story in an interview, courtesy of KTEH TV, 2010.

Aerial view 2015

An aerial view of the Lick Observatory over Mount Hamilton.

Drone video 2013

Scenic and aesthetic views of Mount Hamilton taken by a drone.

Lick Observatory: Over 100 years of Discovery

Find out more about Lick Observatory's astronomical achievements and breakthroughs since 1888.

Onward California: The Cutting Edge Since 1888

Emeritus Distinguished Professor/Astronomer Steven Vogt gives an overview of the Lick Observatory and its cutting edge technology.

Onward California: An Incredibly Hostile Universe

Listen to Professor Steven Vogt discussing the first habitable planet found outside our solar system and more.

Moonrise Lick Observatory

Witness the amazing moment when the moon rises and directly aligns behind the Lick Observatory.

Inside the Observatory

Get an inside look of the Lick Observatory and a virtual tour documented by one of our visitors.

The Great Refractor

Learn more about the historic telescope and its origin in this informational speech.

Operating the telescope

Watch the operational and maintenance procedures of the 36 inch Refractor.

"Eighteen Zeros", The Atlantic

Watch a short film about exascale computing with Lick Observatory serving as a beautiful backdrop. Courtesy of The Atlantic, 2017