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UC Observatories Advisory Committee

The University of California Observatories Advisory Committee (UCOAC) advises the UCO Director on the full range of policy issues related to University of California use of Lick Observatory, Keck Observatory, and the proposed Thirty-Meter Telescope Observatory.

The UCOAC also evaluates new UC astronomy initiatives relevant to optical and infrared observational capabilities. The committee meets three times per year for a full day and holds telecons as necessary when issues arise between meetings that require discussion or decisions. The UCOAC will establish ad hoc or standing subcommittees as required to address specific issues. In addition to providing advice to the Director, the UCOAC is the representative body charged with keeping astronomers throughout the system apprised of UCO activities and with gathering system-wide input on issues of importance to UCO-managed facilities. The UCOAC Chair reports annually to the UCO Board.