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Notifying Staff of a Telescope Run Cancellation

To notify staff of a cancellation due to weather or emergency, please send an email to

When cancelling a night or nights on any Lick telescope, it is essential that observers notify everyone who may be affected by or need to act on the cancellation, both on Mount Hamilton and at the Lick Observatory Business Office at UC Santa Cruz. Observers should send a notice of the cancellation, as far in advance as possible, to Recipients include the mountain technical staff, support scientists, and the staff at UC Santa Cruz who are responsible for scheduling the telescope, maintaining the posted schedule, and arranging for rooms.

Please note that the e-mail alias is reserved for cancelling a night due to weather or emergency. It is not to be used for rescheduling, swapping time, inquiries, or other purposes.

Telescope Operations Manager:
Kostas Chloros

Support Astronomers:
Elinor Gates

Paul Lynam


Telescope Scheduling:
Graeme Smith