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Shane Telescope Time Change Policy

Dear Colleagues,

I. It is possible for an observer wishing to trade nights to first find another scheduled observer willing to make the trade. However, in all cases observers should not assume that once a trade is agreed upon it automatically has the approval of the Director's office. The decision to authorize a change resides with the Associate Director of Lick Observatory and/or the Director, who must consider if an equipment change is needed as a result of the change, if a requested support scientist is available, if lodging is available, and so forth. Trades that involve no equipment changes are usually straightforward, but even these may not always be convenient to schedule.

II. All requests for time swaps must be made to Anna Korossy, who can be contacted at akorossy@ucolick.org. Anna will then forward the request to Graeme or me, depending upon which one of us is most available. I have instructed the Business Office staff that they are to make no changes at the dorm in connection with a swap, unless they have received written authorization from Graeme or me.

III. An observer wishing to give up nights cannot reassign them to someone else. This also pertains to a swap in which the numbers of nights exchanged between observers is not equal. For example, a three-night run cannot be traded to an observer who has two scheduled nights; one of the three nights must be given back to the Observatory. Anna should be informed of the nights that are no longer desired, and Graeme or I will have the responsibility for reassigning them consistent with the recommendations of the Time Assignment Committee.

UCO Director