This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Schmieg. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Adam Wade Schmieg  
Annie Schmieg 1867-04-00
Brian Schmieg  
Catherine Schmieg  
Charles Schmieg 1855-06-00
Charles Schmieg Jr. 1878-05-27
Christopher Schmieg  
Christopher Schmieg 1828
Christopher Schmieg 1862
Christopher John Schmieg  
Clinton Schmieg 1903-05-17
Clinton “Buddy” Schmieg Jr.  
Daniel Schmieg 1880-06-16
Daniel Schmieg Jr. 1909-04-08
Dorothy Elizabeth Schmieg 1909-02-05
Douglas Alan Schmieg  
Elizabeth Kathern Schmieg 1890-02-00
Eric Schmieg  
Eugenia Schmieg  
Frederic Schmieg 1900-04-23
Frederica Schmieg 1894-10-21
Garrett Christopher Schmieg  
Gertrude Schmieg 1898-01-00
Gustav Schmieg 1887-10-20
Hannah McKenzie Schmieg  
Jean Denise Schmieg  
Joan Schmieg  
Joan Ann Schmieg 1935-01-09
Johanna Schmieg 1892-04-30
John Schmieg  
John Schmieg 1856-07-10
John Schmieg 1886-09-00
John Schmieg 1899-03-06
John Thomas Davis Schmieg  
John Wilbur Schmieg  
Karen Schmieg  
Kendra Madelyn Schmieg  
Kimberly Schmieg  
Kyle Schmieg  
Lauren Nicole Schmieg  
Margaret Elizabeth Schmieg 1896-12-25
Margaret Wilhemine Schmieg 1886-09-00
Marie Suzanne Schmieg  
Mary Schmieg 1882-01-00
Patrick Schmieg  
Peter Clinton Schmieg  
Rachel Elaine Schmieg  
Ryan Schmieg  
Sarah Schmieg 1885-02-00
Sarah Schmieg 1910-10-28
Sophia Milana Schmieg  
Stephen Schmieg 1859-07-00
Stephen Schmieg 1883-11-00
Stephen Schmieg Jr. 1894-01-00
Stephen Daniel Schmieg 1911-11-11
Steven Jeffery Schmieg  
Susan Schmieg  
Tyler Jansen Schmieg  
Wilhelmina Schmieg 1889-08-17
William Schmieg