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Lick Observatory Telescope Operations and Maintenance Manuals
Table of Contents

Volume I
Volume 2
Volume 3

Maintenance Records (forms)
KAIT Telescope
Crossley Telescope
CAT Telescope
120" Telescope
40" Telescope
36" Telescope

Lick Optics Location and Maintenance Report
Lick Optics Inspection and Cleaning Schedule: 120" Cassegrain 120" Coude Secondary Coude Auxiliary Telescope
Telescope Maintenance Record Template

120" Shane Telescope
Alignment Telescope Manual
APF Chain Hoist
Co2 Snow Apparatus
Coude Air Filter
Coude camera removal
Coude Secondary Coating: Preparation Process
Coude support frame adjustment
Cradle Shift
Bridge Crane: Lubrication Hook Modification Crane Load Testing
Dome Shutter Cable modifications
Dome Slip ring trolley wheels drawings
Dome Truck Axles
Dome Ventilation System
Drivac Pump Manual
Electrostatic Air Cleanser
Falk Couplings
Floor Plan
Mirror Removal: Secondary Mirror 3rd Mirror Fifth Mirror
Optical Focus Drawings
Pad Oil Replacement Procedure Form for ordering oil (Excel)
Pad Oil Fore Pump and Worm Pump: Roper A Series Callout and parts list Roper AM, AP, AL Series pumps Vickers Vane Type Single Pump
Primary Mirror Aluminizing
Primary Mirror Recoating
Primary Mirror Washing: Washing Instructions Washing Report
Reflectometer Operation and Use
Telescoping Door: Maintenance1 Maintenance2 Schematics

Crossley Telescope
Mirror Removal
Mirror Washing
Primary Mirror photographs

24" Telescope
Mirror Removal

40" Telescope
Drawings: Primary Installation Optical Layout Reference Triangle Focus CASS Shielding with Spectrograph
Mirror Fixtures: Mirror Box Mirror Box Insert Mirror Platform
Mirror Removal using Crane (old method)
Mirror Removal using Forklift (new method)
Primary Mirror Coating Slideshow
Telescope shutter

36" Telescope
Dome Shutter Seal Slideshow
Floor Hydraulic Fluid Materials Procedure
Floor Rack Repair
Observation Ladder reassembly
Telescope Lens Removal Slideshow

CAT Telescope
Mirror Limits drawing

KAIT Telescope
Primary Mirror Problem

Coating Facility
Chamber Operation
Kinney Pump
Roots Blower
Diffusion Pump
Reflectometer Operation
Optical Chemicals Formulae

Cryogenics Handling
Fall Prevention Training
Machine Shop Safety Guidelines Training
Shop Safety Basic Guidelines
Man Basket Safety Training